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Ready to Go?

If you are like us, February is dreadful because of CABIN FEVER! It gets dark earlier. It’s cold outside. Anything potentially good of television has taken a winter break. We get a little crazy and want to go somewhere, ANYWHERE!

All I kept thinking about was, “We need a Road Trip!” During what I thought was a simple winter slump, the Holy Spirit awakened my heart to the spiritual road trip.

The Goal in faith is that we need to go somewhere. God wants you to buckle up and get ready for a ride that you aren’t promised where all the stops will be. However, if we will ride we are assured our final stop is eternity with Him forever.

The month of March is going to address questions that arrive on the Road Trip. Our first series will take a spiritual look at simple questions that happen on the Road Trip;

1-Where Are We Going?

2-How Much Further? (with “I’m Getting Hungry!”)

3-I’m Bored, I want to get Out.

4-Who’s Going to Come With Us? (Who else is going to be there?)

The important part of this new series is we are taking a spiritual road trip to Easter Weekend. Beat the Easter Rush, Let’s Get Going This Weekend! 9:45/11:10am .

We’ll Save You A Seat!



You’re Here!

“We desire for Wiley Church to be a place where you can experience the love of Christ and watch your family flourish. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, Wiley Church wants you there. Why? Because you matter to God, and you matter to us!” Adam and Carla Wright, Lead Pastors

Service Times: 9:45 & 11:10am
Kids Church / Nursery during the 11:10am service!
LOCATION! We are 1.5 miles south of the recreation dept. on your left! (do not follow GPS or /google maps. it cannot find our physical address. You can tell it simply, “Wiley, GA” if needed)


Wiley Church Kidz!

Wiley Church announces the welcome additions of Dr. Jay and
Cherie Critz as our New Children’s Pastors.

Jay and Cherie have been married for over 17 years and have been in children’s ministry for over 20 years. Together, they love to communicate God’s word in a powerful and captivating ways through the use of drama, teaching, comedy and using a wide range of material. They’ve been involved in various ministries impacting lives for several decades. They have been honored to speak at various camps and conferences across the United States. Their travels have taken them internationally to Peru and Israel.

Jay and Cherie also work as school Middle School teachers in TN. Jay holds a Ed.D Doctoral of Education and Cherie has her M.ed Masters of Education. Jay also holds ministerial credentials with the Church of God and they have two children, Mackenzie and Jameson.

Children and Youth are a priority for Wiley Church and we are confident that God has sent The Critz family to help train our “sons and daughters” in Rabun County and Northeast Georg

Jay and Cherie will lead our children’s ministry each Sunday morning at the 11:10 service. They deliver highly engaging services that allow students to worship, develop their spiritual life, along with discipling them to love God and follow Him with their lives. They will also be making preparations for the kids to excel in music and dramas along with special trips from time to time, including the annual Kidfest! (“Winterfest” for Children)
We encourage you to come and see the amazing opportunity that is available for your children while you have an amazing opportunity to connect with God in our Sunday Morning Services at Wiley Church!

Sunday Video Message

Road Trip Series: Are We There Yet?  (week 2)

Road Trip Series: Where Are We Going? (week 1)

Becoming Great:  “Love Connection” Series 2  February 11, 2018

Previous Messages:

For more messages, check out Wiley Church on YouTube!

The Uprising SM (Students)

March 20 launched something big. Real Big! The Uprising Student Ministry has begun to have weekly gatherings at Wiley Church every Monday Night.

This first glimpse of what is to come has been nothing short than amazing. You might ask, “What can I (or my student 7th-12th grader) expect at Monday Night Uprising?” We are glad you asked!
Doors open at 6:30pm. Food and Relationship times are the first components of this service. There are also fully staffed adult volunteers working the outside security, food and game stations, and more. Every area has been well thought out and prayed over, ready to receive you (your students).

Next, you will notice right away you have found a judgment free zone to come and connect with other believers and grow in your relationship with Christ. It is more than compelling.

Youth Pastor Tanner Chitwood leads the service at 7pm with a time of fun with giveaways! (Who doesn’t like free stuff, right?) Quickly, the room moves into a time of music, including a full live band with current praise and worship music. The students gather at the front of the room and can be seen worshiping from simply closing their eyes as they sing, to the more active songs that cause them to move!
After a time of Giving, Pastor Tanner takes the students on a journey through the Scripture. He uses his God-given talent to make something that was written long ago applicable to your life today. Using humor, passion and deep study, you will feel the power of God’s Spirit during this time.

Finally, the altars are open for students to receive salvation, rededicate their lives to Christ, pray with each other, and place their cares or fears they have into the hands of Jesus. Chains are broken, lives are set free, and hope is restored. Power is received as Christ fills the room with His Holy Spirit!

Students connect as the service comes to a close, and parents begin arriving to pick them up at 8:30.

This could be the very thing you have been looking for. You have been praying for! For further information, email Pastor Tanner at

Life Groups

We really believe that life is better together, and community will create greater levels of faith.


Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is hard. A lot of people have been hurt in the past, causing them to not want to connect anymore. We take every step to provide a positive, non-judgmental approach to creating an atmosphere of growth, while allowing you to feel safe.Our Groups operate in 6 week cycles. We offer open enrollment and allow you to select the group you feel most comfortable with.

Our New 6 week Group cycle enrollment begins soon! Make Plans Now. The Dates to Prepare for group will be April 22- June 03! (*no group on Mother’s Day)

For more information, please email