Ready to Go?

If you are like us, February is dreadful because of CABIN FEVER! It gets dark earlier. It’s cold outside. Anything potentially good of television has taken a winter break. We get a little crazy and want to go somewhere, ANYWHERE!

All I kept thinking about was, “We need a Road Trip!” During what I thought was a simple winter slump, the Holy Spirit awakened my heart to the spiritual road trip.

The Goal in faith is that we need to go somewhere. God wants you to buckle up and get ready for a ride that you aren’t promised where all the stops will be. However, if we will ride we are assured our final stop is eternity with Him forever.

The month of March is going to address questions that arrive on the Road Trip. Our first series will take a spiritual look at simple questions that happen on the Road Trip;

1-Where Are We Going?

2-How Much Further? (with “I’m Getting Hungry!”)

3-I’m Bored, I want to get Out.

4-Who’s Going to Come With Us? (Who else is going to be there?)

The important part of this new series is we are taking a spiritual road trip to Easter Weekend. Beat the Easter Rush, Let’s Get Going This Weekend! 9:45/11:10am .

We’ll Save You A Seat!



You’re Here!

“We desire for Wiley Church to be a place where you can experience the love of Christ and watch your family flourish. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, Wiley Church wants you there. Why? Because you matter to God, and you matter to us!” Adam and Carla Wright, Lead Pastors

Service Times: 9:45 & 11:10am
Kids Church / Nursery during the 11:10am service!
LOCATION! We are 1.5 miles south of the recreation dept. on your left! (do not follow GPS or /google maps. it cannot find our physical address. You can tell it simply, “Wiley, GA” if needed)